Top 10 Secrets To Boost Your Site in the USA

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Marketing is all about staying ahead of the curve. So, it makes sense that digital marketing has increased in importance as our world has become more and more online.

An increasing number of people are shopping online, with worldwide e-commerce sales surpassing $4.2 trillion in 2020. Often, a customer's first impression of a company will be based on its website or social media page. Smart business owners are doing everything they can to make sure their website is well-optimized and poised to boost traffic and conversions.

If you're new to running a website, however, you may wonder where to get started. The web is saturated with information on digital marketing, with articles full of technical terminology and jargon. But this article will break down the top ten ways to boost your site in the USA, helping you make the most of essential digital marketing techniques.

Conduct Market Research

The first step to building a successful website is conducting thorough market research. After all, it's difficult to cater your brand towards your target demographic when you don't even know what that demographic is!

Here are some things you should consider when conducting market research:

  • What gap is there in the current market that your company could fill?

  • Who are your competitors in that industry?

  • What is your target audience like? Are your products/services aimed at a specific age group or gender? Are they for the general public or a niche group?

Take the time to figure out the answers to these questions before rushing ahead with advertising or content curation.

Offer Useful Content on Your Site

You're more likely to attract and retain customers if you have something worthwhile to offer on your site. Publishing unique, useful content is a fantastic way of increasing your website traffic and of encouraging loyalty in your customers.

Blog posts are highly popular ways of driving traffic on websites. Make sure that your posts are well-written and relevant and that they include descriptive headers and keywords (which we'll get to in a minute!).

Consider curating a resource center on your site. Visitors to your page can mine this for infographics, webinars, guides, and lots more. Not only does this benefit the customer by giving them access to a wealth of knowledge, but it benefits you by helping entice them to return in the future.

Make Good Use of Keywords

Keywords are an essential part of search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO is no doubt a term you've seen thrown around online before. But what does it mean?

In essence, SEO describes a set of best practices that you can use to increase your ranking on search engines. Doing this is useful since it means that, when users search for keywords related to your site, your web page is more likely to appear higher in the search results.

There are two different kinds of keywords:

  • Short-tail keywords: These are between one and three words in length and help to draw in a more general audience—e.g. "dog groomers," "trousers," "proofreading service," etc.

  • Long-tail keywords: These are slightly longer, more specific phrases that are used to help boost conversion rates—e.g. "dog groomers near me," "black elastic women's trousers," "proofreading service for college students," etc.

Make sure to include keywords in blog posts, website headers, and alt text on images.

Optimize Your Website Speed

Optimizing your website speed is another crucial part of SEO. Most people don't have the time or patience to sit around and wait thirty seconds for a web page to load. Long load times can have a serious negative impact on your site traffic.

Here are some tips to help you speed up your site loading times:

  • Make sure your image sizes are optimized.

  • Try to reduce the number of plugins you use.

  • Optimize your website's code where you can.

Make Sure Your Site Works on Mobile

These days, most people do their browsing on the go. The most recent statistics available show that more than 50% of the world's web traffic comes from mobile browsers. Therefore, it's crucial that your website works just as smoothly on mobile as it does from a desktop browser.

Make sure that your website is easily accessible and simple to navigate on mobile. Also, ensure that all of the text is clear and legible, and a suitable size for a mobile browser window.

Conduct Regular SEO Audits

Running regular SEO audits is an essential part of running a fully optimized website. If your website has been up and running for some time, you should think about conducting an audit every six months or so.

What exactly is an SEO audit? In short, it allows you to identify any potential SEO issues on your website. For example, an audit will turn up broken links and images, poor formatting, slow loading times, and more.

You can always choose to run an SEO audit by yourself using an online guide. However, many business owners choose to hire someone to do the job for them. If you'd like to take the hassle of running an SEO audit off your plate, consider retaining our services. Here at Kokonut, our digital marketing experts can help you make the most of SEO practices to give your website the boost it needs.

Use Social Media

Having an active social media presence goes hand-in-hand with running an effective website. It isn't enough to just make a couple of accounts on Facebook and Twitter that you share links from occasionally. Rather, you should strive to maintain an active presence on social media and use social channels to regularly communicate with customers.

Consumers are increasingly socially conscious these days. Often people will check out a company's social media page before deciding whether or not they want to support them. You can use your social media page not just to share blog links and promote products but to create a real sense of community and give people a sense of your company's personality.


Every business owner understands the importance of networking. There are loads of ways you can connect with other like-minded business owners. Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Post on social media and sites like LinkedIn.

  • Include social share buttons on your blog posts and products.

  • Invite guest authors to write for your blog.

  • Offer to write guest articles for other sites.

There are loads of other ways you can connect with other companies. It can sometimes be a little daunting to reach out to others, especially when you're a startup. Just keep in mind that every big business was a startup at some point, and they probably got where they are today with the help of other similar companies.


Advertising comes at a cost, but it can often prove a very successful means of driving website traffic. This is especially true when you're just starting. It can often take months of consistent SEO application and content curation for you to climb onto Google's radar. Advertising can offer a bit of a boost to help you get started.

Before you pay for advertising, ask yourself what you hope to get from it. Are you just looking for more website traffic? Do you hope to increase your sales conversion rate? Keep your purpose at the forefront of your mind when planning your advertising campaign and selecting an advertising channel.

Monitor Your Website's Performance

Once you've incorporated all of these methods, the hard work doesn't stop! Going forward, you should keep a careful eye on your website's performance and analytics. If you notice an uptick in your website traffic, then you know you're doing something right! However, if you don't notice a change or your performance starts to sink, maybe you should think about changing your approach.

Keeping an eye on your page statistics can also help you get to know your demographic better. This, in turn, can help you to create content that is more to their liking.


This article has considered the top ten secrets to boosting your site's performance in the USA. There are loads of different factors to consider when you're building and promoting a website. But, hopefully, this article has given you a clear idea of what you can expect.

If you're not quite sure where to begin or would simply appreciate some advice and support, we offer a wide range of digital marketing services, including everything from website creation and SEO to analysis and strategy. So, if you'd like to find out more about what our expert teams here at Kokonut can provide, why not get in touch today?
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